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Welcome to ‘Leaving Teaching – What Next?’ – a transformative online course tailored specifically for passionate teachers who are contemplating a career transition. As a dedicated teacher, I understand the deep sense of purpose that comes with the job. However, there can come a time when we yearn for a change, seek new challenges, feel burnt out or just decide ‘enough is enough’.

Through this course, I will share valuable insights from my own path – from leaving teaching (twice) before transitioning into flexible working. The course will empower you to identify your strengths, explore various career pathways, and understand some of the diverse opportunities available in the professional world. A big part of the course is showing you what you already have and tapping into that.

Together, we will delve into alternative careers such as instructional design, education consulting, edtech, curriculum development, and entrepreneurship within the education sector. As well as an exploration of all out transition away from teaching, we will also explore other options such as flexible working, side hustles and much more.

By the end of this course, you will not only gain practical knowledge but also a confidence to embrace the next chapter of your professional life. Life doesn’t end at teaching! Let’s navigate this transition together and uncover the exciting possibilities that lie ahead, beyond the traditional confines of the classroom.


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