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To quit your work and follow your passion might sound really nice but in reality, people have inspirations like Mukesh Ambani, Bill gates, Jeff Bezos. But what are the steps that one can take to start a new business? This question is what is answered in this course you will be learning the key points and also asking honest questions about future. As a fact, I have seen many people leaving work for certain reasons like

1. Hatting work

2. Boss problems

3. Financial struggles

4. Friends’ suggestion of starting a concept

And much more..

What you will learn?

1. What are the steps to start own business?

2. Common mistakes

3. Finding what you want to do?

4. How to transition from work to own business

This course is my 20 years of experience in which i have seen and helped lot of entrepreneurs start and to overcome their initial hiccups. In my journey of entrepreneurship, people give a lot of focus on looks, ideas, place, structure but very less will they give importance to key aspects in business:

1. Planning in business

2. Financial aspects like capital, financial buffers

3. Time needed

4. Buffers in business

5.  Brand building vs real time money

6. Career paths – what do you really want?

More than all this , this course will honestly answer the one question : Why do you need to start this business?

This might be a short course but a very crisp one answering most of the much needed questions which a beginner in career path needs

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