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Learn from a successful Amazon Influencer how to generate daily income in as little as 1-2 weeks from Amazon using your phone without having to do any of the following…

Video editing

Being on camera

Social media marketing

Chasing Clients

Creating Websites

Email Marketing

Cold calling

Paid advertising

Search engine optimization


Hello! My name is Jewel Tolentino – I’m an online business owner of 10+ years based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I’m also an actively earning Amazon Influencer.

When I first found out about this opportunity, I thought it was too good to be true.


So I tested it out myself and tracked EVERYTHING.

I went from $0 to earning my first $1,300/month in less than 2 months after starting this program and haven’t looked back since.

The great thing about the Amazon Influencer program is that anyone can do this – it’s literally the easiest side hustle I’ve seen in my 10+ years of experience – and it can be done part-time.

With less than 3hrs a week, you’ll be able to create an extra income source for yourself and your family…

…but how do you avoid getting rejected when applying to become an Amazon Influencer? 

…what are the dos and don’ts of creating your videos?

…how many videos should you upload and how often?

…how can you maximize your earning potential?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this course.

I will guide you through every step: from signing up and applying to become an Influencer all the way through earning your first commissions.

And if you have questions, I am here to support you.


What Our Students Are Saying…

“Week 2 as an influencer: 30 videos posted and already made $88.03! I definitely need to adjust my goal of reaching $100/month – this is such an exciting program.”

– Tracey Stack | Saskatchewan

“Once I learned the steps (none of which require any experience) I took action. 7 days later I was earning commissions. I’ve made $302 so far and I’m excited. All I can say is, do not pass this up or you’ll be leaving money on the table!”

– Roland Leveille | Ontario

“I just checked my Amazon payment. I’ve been doing this for a few months. not regularly. I’ve made $560.00 in the last 4 months. Buy the course! it will be worth learning how to do this.”

– Real Life With Michelle & Rob | Ontario

“My first commission june 7, excited, that little spark showing something is working.”

– Steve Cicchillo | Ontario


This course is especially for you if:

  • You want to avoid complicated tech or confusing online marketing methods and you’re seeking a simple and easy way to use what you already have to make money.
  • Your current income isn’t enough, and you need a way to earn some extra cash now on top of what you already earn.
  • You want to make extra money quickly, but you don’t have the time or resources to research other ventures or start a whole new business from scratch.
  • You’ve been taking action, but your current project is taking too long to make money and at times it makes you feel frustrated, tired and impatient.


What’s The Catch?

You must be aware of the following:

1) Meet Social Criteria

You must have at least 2,000 followers on either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok (NOTE: this isn’t a combined follower account, your 2K+ followers must all be on 1 of the above platforms). You won’t be promoting anything to these followers, it’s just Amazon’s criteria for accepting you into their program.

2) You Only Get 3 Chances

You need to qualify/be approved for the Amazon Influencer Program and you only get 3 tries so there is no room for trial and error. If you get rejected 3 times, you can’t earn with this program. By taking this course and following the steps exactly, there’s a good chance you’ll be accepted on your first attempt so you can avoid wasting time and risking rejection.

3) Your Commitment

You must have access to the internet and a mobile phone that can record video (no editing required and you don’t need to be on camera). You need to be willing to commit at least 3hrs a week, especially in the first 4 weeks, in order to start generating daily income quickly. You can reduce your time if you like after these 4 weeks (but I’m pretty certain you won’t after you see the potential in earnings!).  Realistically, you’ll be able to earn at least $300-$500/mo in your first 30 days if you follow all the steps within this course. On average, people are earning anywhere between $500/mo to $5,000/mo in the Amazon Influencer Program. As with anything, what you put in, you get out.


If you meet the above criteria, then purchase this course, watch all the lessons (under 3hrs) and take action to start earning commissions.

I look forward to meeting you on the inside 🙂

– Jewel Tolentino


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