EPS School Specialty Launches as EPS Learning, a Literacy-Focused Company


NASHUA, N.H./PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —  EPS School Specialty, a leading provider of PreK–12 supplemental ELA and math solutions, announces the launch of EPS Learning, a new, standalone company focused on literacy as the springboard to lifelong learning and opportunity. EPS Learning will enable teachers to support PreK–12 students across all tiers of instruction through the EPS Literacy Framework, which includes print and digital solutions anchored in the science of reading.

“Today marks a shift for our team as a burgeoning company that’s deliberate in its focus on high-quality literacy solutions,” said Steven Guttentag, Chief Executive Officer at EPS Learning. “EPS Learning embodies our dedication to combining the best of print and digital resources—empowering educators to meet the diverse needs of today’s striving readers. Our focused efforts and investments will further accelerate the ability of our solutions to support each student’s unique journey toward literacy and beyond. And, this is just the beginning as we’ll soon announce a significant technology enhancement that will further punctuate our commitment to providing our partners with the most effective literacy solutions.”

Schools and districts across the country have seen a  significant decline in their students’ reading achievement and low reading scores have persisted for over 30 years. Learning disruptions resulting from the pandemic exacerbated these challenges, making it more evident than ever that student reading proficiency is in crisis. With mounting pressure on educators and districts to implement high-quality, high-impact, evidence-based reading programs, EPS Learning provides educators with a robust, comprehensive suite of solutions grounded in research.

“EPS has been in alignment with the science of reading for decades, and we know that students learn to read best through a structured literacy approach,” said Janine Walker-Caffrey, Chief Academic Officer at EPS Learning. “We’ve developed a literacy framework comprised of solutions that will allow educators to meet their students exactly where they are—and accelerate their learning to where they need to be. As our students grow and learn, so do our solutions.”

The EPS Literacy Framework includes print and digital materials anchored in the science of reading and provides comprehensive coverage for every grade level, tier, and reading pillar. The Framework also includes products aligned to specific state standards and assessments, designed to improve overall math and reading proficiency as well as test taking skills. Key solutions include S.P.I.R.E., the intervention program for striving readers, along with many other well-known offerings, including Wordly Wise, Megawords, Readfetti Decodable Readers, and Coach Digital Compass.

To learn more about this news and explore EPS Learning’s PreK–12 literacy offerings, please visit  www.epslearning.com.

About EPS Learning

EPS Learning has partnered with educators for more than 70 years to advance literacy as the springboard for lifelong learning and opportunity. The 20+ supplemental literacy solutions included in the EPS Literacy Framework are based on the science of reading and support grades PreK through 12, all tiers of instruction, and every pillar of reading. EPS Learning offers evidence-based intervention and customized professional learning to help move students toward growth, mastery, and success. Visit  www.epslearning.com to learn more.

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