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“Embark on a transformative journey in SAP SD S/4 HANA through this enriching course.

  1. Introduction to SAP:
    • Understand the foundations and significance of SAP in the business world.
  2. ECC vs HANA:
    • Explore the evolution from ECC to HANA and the advantages of S/4 HANA.
  3. Projects Overview:
    • Gain insights into SAP SD projects, their scope, and various project scenarios.
  4. Implementation Methodologies:
    • Dive into different methodologies used in SAP SD implementation for effective project management.
  5. Navigation in SAP:
    • Learn the essentials of navigating the SAP environment for seamless operations.
  6. Enterprise Structures:
    • Explore the organizational structures within SAP for efficient business operations.
  7. SAP SD Master Data:
    • Delve into key master data components such as Material Master and Business Partner.
  8. Order-to-Cash Process:
    • Understand the end-to-end order-to-cash process in SAP SD.
  9. Functional Configuration:
    • Master the various configurations needed for optimal SAP SD functionality.
  10. Pricing Procedure:
    • Explore the intricacies of pricing procedures in SAP SD for accurate and dynamic pricing.
  11. Fiori:
    • Understand the Fiori interface and its role in enhancing user experience and productivity.
  12. Data Migration:
    • Learn the essentials of data migration in SAP SD, ensuring a smooth transition of data.
  13. Mock Interviews:
    • Hone your practical skills with mock interviews, simulating real-world scenarios.
  14. Certification Practice Tests:
    • Strengthen your knowledge and readiness with rigorous certification practice tests.

This course is your key to mastering SAP SD implementation, ensuring you are well-prepared for both practical applications and certification success. Whether you’re delving into pricing procedures, exploring Fiori, or tackling data migration, this comprehensive course equips you with the skills needed for success in SAP SD S/4 HANA.”


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