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Testing is a must-known and valuable skill in software development.

With an ecosystem growing quickly, several similar tools and few courses or lacking knowledge on the field, my journey with testing has not been the easiest one. Now that I took the right choices and practiced for several years, I want to share my expertise so you become able to write tests the right way !

There is not a single valid reason to avoid tests for your back-end application. Here, you will discover the strength of the feedback-loop given by Test Driven Development, and how tests make your life easier as a whole.

What are we going to build ?

Inside this free course, you will build a quality to-do application, with ExpressJS and TypeScript. You will learn how to test it properly, including unit and end-to-end tests.

You will follow Test Driven Development alongside me and finally understand testing. As a bonus, you will learn how to structure a basic application.

Featuring :

  • ExpressJS with TypeScript
  • Jest and SuperTest
  • Database with Postgres and Prisma
  • Validation with class-validator
  • Custom errors
  • Test Driven Development-Style

What this course is not

This won’t be a deep-dive into ExpressJS itself, or APIs like jest and supertest.

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