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Employers are vying for skilled workers. They run the risk of losing out on top talent if they do not provide their employees with flexible work arrangements. This is because, more than salary increases, today’s talent values flexibility in the workplace.

In particular, employees desire the best of both worlds. For example, an IWG study reveals that 72% of office workers would rather work in a hybrid arrangement than return to the office full-time, even if doing so would result in a higher income.

The era of hybrid work is upon us. If you want to prepare and prosper in hybrid work settings, then consider reevaluating temporal and physical locations for yourself and your team.

In order to optimise the productivity of hybrid work, we often think managers need to figure out which tasks employees can complete most efficiently from home and which ones they should prioritise when they arrive at the office. But this is not enough.

Business leaders also need to create physical space and schedules to reap the huge benefits that come with hybrid work.

I’ll provide analysis and doable suggestions based on published research on how to think creatively about the workplace, the home, and time to make hybrid employment a fruitful work arrangement.


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